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Torben Jensen

My name is Torben Jensen. I live in Viborg in Denmark and I’m from the decade when a quick boy was wearing a bow tie when he went to the photographer.

My dad was an avid amateur photographer, but that was not for me, because back then everything was manual and very elaborate and my dad spent a lot of time in the darkroom playing with chemicals.

schweitz 89 2

I was not caught until in 1989 with a compact camera in my breast pocket I cycled around Switzerland with my children. Of course, these were ordinary nature holiday photos, but I was already focusing on the composition at the time.

My first experience with digital photography was in 1991 with a Canon ION camera. But with 0.2 megapixels and very poor light intake, the usability was limited.

Meteora 2550

When I bought my first SLR camera (Canon EOS 500) just before a bike ride around Corsica in 1996, I acknowledged my destiny – photography.

After many cheap (and poorly) developed films in a discount photo shop, I finally got my first Digital SLR – Canon EOS 300D in 2004 just before a trip to Greece. It was at 5 megapixels and very slow. But at that point, my clients moaned over my apology; “Wait a minute – my camera are saving the pictures”.

Orthetrum albistylum Srebarna Bulgaria 2006 MG 3277

I have photographed many genres. In my jobs I have mostly worked with product and company-portrait photography. A bit boring – so in my spare time I went for completely different genres. In the beginning it was mostly natural landscapes and later it became macro photography – especially dragonflies and other insects. I was so captivated by photographing dragonflies that I traveled to Greece, Bulgaria, France, Andorra and Spain – solely for photographing – and in particular dragonflies.

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In Barcelona I got captivated by the spanish architect Antoni Gaudí and photographed his buildings in Barcelona and traveled north to photograph a garden and his cottage in Comillas.
Later I discovered Santiago Calatrava in Valencia. He is well known in Scandinavia for Turning Torso in Malmö. This started my interrest in photographing architecture.
After investing in studio lighting, I got caught by model and portrait photography. First in a photo-studio and later on location both urban and in nature.

Simone R5A9407

After teaching layout for many years I have been focusing on the composition. Whether you are shooting with a mobile phone or with a super-professional camera, it is often the composition that reveals you as a “amateur-snapshooter” or “a real photographer”.

I use Capture One for RAW-editing, Photoshop for batch editing, Photomatix Pro for HDR and Luminar Neo for finishing.

However, I would rather spend time taking pictures than sitting at home in front of the screen editing.